Mission :

Silverstinger limited was created in the sole purpose of making people’s lives easier by the means of our hard work, diligence and expertise in a variety of economic activities (Media, information technology, retail trade and others). As an organization we are determined to place the highest priority on clients’ satisfaction.

Through our business activity we have been aiming at nothing but excellence in meeting the needs of our stakeholders while looking after our environment. We are committed to help promote fairness in the markets we operate in. Therefore, as the world economy is getting more and more global, Silverstinger will honor its duty as a responsible organization by helping local communities around the world when business opportunities arise.

Vision: “To build the Silverstinger brand and grow in size through diversification”

We strongly believe that people are what make an organization what it truly is. Therefore, in order to prosper, expand and build a solid infrastructure we must attract, retain and develop local and international talented professionals who are willing to help us pursue our vision and fulfill our destiny. Silverstinger is an exceptional economic concept and its members will benefit from the unique experience it is offering.

Core values:
Fairness, Honesty, responsibility, respect, diversification and innovation.


Silverstinger Limited Registered in England and Wales No. 07442546. Registered Office:23 Belmont Avenue, New Malden, Surrey, KT3 6QE United Kingdon.